Oil sourcing takes time

Extration methods of oil can vary. Some of these methods, causes the nutrients to become damaged. Although they are cheaper or yield higher amounts in a shorter time. Our T&D formula is a cold pressed skin oil.

Different Extraction Methods

There are numerous ways of extracting oils, but our main concern was to find the best way. We needed a method that would ensure the quality. And that none of the micronutrient ingredients used were affected.

We looked at all options:

  • Firstly, enfleurage is an extraction method. The oldest known method. But is extremely time consuming. It is the extraction of essential oils and perfumes from flowers. It uses odourless animal or vegetable fats.
  • Fractional distillation is a process that heats the raw materials into separate parts but through vapourisation. This damages the micronutrients. Steam distillation is similar.
  • Percolation is movement and filtering of fluids through porous materials. This method is time consuming and also can cause contamination.
  • Solvent extraction is another cheaper manufacturing process. It can damage many of the nutrients within the oil, leading to a reduction in benefits.
  • New methods for extraction such as super critical fluid extraction, carbon dioxide extraction and phytonic process were a consideration. Nevertheless, these are very expensive and not enough information is available surrounding the effects on the oil over time.
  • Finally, cold pressed has been an extraction method used for thousands of years (since 1100BC for soya oil & 5000BC for olive oil). This process does not damage nutrients. Consumers purchase the best possible product at a fair price.

Cold pressed skin oil it is!

Therefore, the use of cold press extraction for our product is the only choice. Who can say that ancient, simple techniques aren’t best? We tried and tested different oils, from different sources and found a supplier that shared our ethical ethos. Research into suppliers also took time and testing. We use a Quality supplier, as we cannot comprimise. The benefits can only be truly felt and seen, after trying our T&D Skin Oil. We are proud to have helped thousands of happy skins!

If there is anything you want to ask us, please contact us.


cold pressed skin oil