how to use skin oil


How to use skin oil in the correct manner is not a knowledgeable subject.  We have had some happy purchasers, whom managed to use our T&D Formula (200ml) within a week or two. Sadly, they wasted a lot of it, they applied too much to the surface instead of massaging it into the skin. We want you to love your skin oil, like many consumers do!


The best time to apply the T&D Skin Oil is after washing and lightly towel drying. This is when skin is clean and slightly moist. Pores (channels) open when skin is wet during washing. Therefore, skin oil molecules penetrate efficiently into various skin cell layers. The nutrients are absorbed instead of just sitting on the surface of the skin and attracting environmental dust/dirt.

Facial Skin

A single drop of oil is applied over the face. Then delicately massaged into the skin. Apply another drop/drops as required. The skin should not look or feel oily.

Body Skin

Apply drops over the area as required. Again the skin should not look or feel oily. The product should have absorbed into the skin. We believe less is more!

Oil  is Good

The product is an oil, it readily mixes with the natural skin environment in a harmonious manner. A drop goes a long way as your using pure beneficial ingredients, unlike solutions that make up typical moisturisers.

Tone & Defence Formula Skin Oil, can potentially do wonders when used correctly and regularly.

Quick reminder:

  1. Use on moist skin, in place of moisturiser after washing.
  2. Less is more – apply a drop/more as needed, to not leave the skin greasy.
  3. Oil should always be applied on damp skin – massage gently until absorbed.

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