Why use skin oil?

Our skin naturally contains many lipid molecules. Lipid molecules are fat, that blend well with other natural organic substances, however they are insoluble in water. Every human cell has a double layer of lipid molecules, creating a protective coat called a phospholipid bilayer. This has an important role as the skin’s barrier function.

Benefits of using nourishing skin oil

Our natural immune system can secrete an oily substance (sebum) if the need arises to protect the skin. Therefore using nourishing skin oil will prevent oily secretions. Over time oily skin will become healthy, radiant skin. However dry skin will become more nourished, appearing smoother and softer.

Protects us against harm

External environmental factors include, but are not limited to: sun damage, stress, smoking and diet. These lead to damaging the skin barrier. Damaging the skin barrier can lead to skin irritations, water loss and skin dehydration. Increasing the intake of water does not mean the skin will retain more water, a damaged barrier will cause transepidermal water loss. Dehydrated skin can feel tight and dull causing the skin to look aged.

I dont like oil

Not everyone likes nourishing skin oil, some people feel that they already have enough secretions. Some people worry about oil clogging their pores. When used correctly, the skin oil will not clog your pores.  The truth is that we all have oil naturally occurring in our skin.


What does that really mean? All store brought moisturisers will contain an oil, although they are most likely using mineral oil.  Mineral oil does not contain the many benefits that plant based oils do. For example, good quality cold pressed avocado oil is a nourishing has a high nutrient content and is naturally high in vitamin E and fatty acids.  This gives it healing and regenerating properties, protecting the skin barrier. It is found within the T&D formula, therefore helps with dehydrated and undernourished skin.

Oily skin is dry skin really

Oily skin is usually the result of the body’s natural defence mechanism kicking in if the skin is dry. The use of a topical nourishing skin oil prevents the secretion of excessive oil, slows down transepidermal water loss, and can repair a damaged skin barrier over time.  This reinforces the skin barrier instead of it becoming sensitised. The ingredients found in Tone & Defence Formula’s skin oil have been specifically chosen to enhance, improve and heal the skin. Allowing it to work with the body’s natural defence mechanism instead of against it.


In conclusion, nourishing skin oil is essential for our skin to naturally maintain optimum health. To make your life easier, we have formulated the Tone and Defence skin oil. Purity and nourishment is certain, due to the micronutrients in the formula. With our quality, all the micronutrients found within the formula, you are assured of purity and nourishment.

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Nourishing skin oil enhances the natural lipid layer in skin.