Firstly, a little bit about us, we have ran a skin clinic for over 11 years. With our experience, knowledge and care we produced the Tone and Defence Skin Oil. Our skin product market studies led us to the breakthrough in skincare.

We are proud to have sold products to leading professionals, mums, dads, teens and many other wonderful individuals.

We pride ourselves in offering you:

  • Truly natural and safe skincare – 100% natural skincare which has been scientifically tested.

  • Time saving routines – skin oil is easy to use after washing the skin, without complex regimes.

  • Financially efficient products – a 30ml can last our clients 3 months + when used twice a day.

  • Effective skincare – we have never had one returned, only loved!


We stocked an array of aesthetic and beauty products; ranging from low market products to high end brands.

Everyone wants to be using the best product available, and some of us will go to great lengths by investing time, money and effort in the hope of finding one that suits our needs. Early on we became dissatisfied with the products available and started to reconsider the stock we had in our clinic.


Our team methodically researched products available on the market and identified the best (and worst) ingredients for skincare. We wanted to find the most suitable moisturiser for everyone to use. It had to be cost effective, 100% ethical and work positively with our natural physiology.

In conclusion, there was no other alternative than to create our own moisturiser. We used the highest quality natural oils and added other ingredients to enhance the benefits. Our team conducted extensive research and rigorous testing, the result of which became Clear Medical’s Tone & Defence Formula.

If there is anything you want to ask us, please contact us.