safe plastics

You purchase purity

Safe plastics were not a thing we had to think about years ago. Initially, plastic sales boomed as they are more lightweight and convenient. The craze meant that people stocked up. Plastics are everywhere, in many everyday products. Rather, no one thought about any potential side effects from their use. However, new research reveals that even good old melamine can leak harmful particles into food when used or heated. We should be aware of chemicals when utilizing plastics, when they touch food or products what we apply to our skin. We live in a world, where manufacturers don’t put profit margins above health risks.

Choosing safe plastics

Only PET plastic and certified safe plastics such as branded with BPA free are safe. Bis phenol-A (BPA) is a known cancer causing agent, a constituent of plastics to increase pliability. Because of the awareness of BPA, consumers are becoming aware of the risks. Manufacturers have started to retail safer plastics, so we can choose health.

There are certain rules to follow:

  • The more pliable/thinner the plastic the more harmful they are.
  • The plastics should be PET or BPA.
  • Try not to heat food in plastic take away containers.
  • Try not to store food in plastics in warm environments.
  • Do not store unsafe plastics in direct sunlight.
  • Look for safer plastic choices.
  • Finally, choose ceramic and glass where possible.

What Packaging did we use?

Our Tone & Defence packaging is 100% PET which is an inert plastic and does not leak harmful materials into its contents. Some packaging options we learnt cause chemicals to penetrate into the product, thereby increasing its toxicity. Due to us selecting safe plastics, you can be assured that you will receive our Tone and Defence Formula Skin Oil in its purest form – we can’t make it any other way.

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