avocado oil

Only the Best

We could not compromise when producing our formula and use avocado oil. Avocado is a large berry fruit originating in south central Mexico. Its the fattiest fruit known at present. Fats can be termed as lipids and aid our body and skin health. This is due to the fact, cell barriers are lipids. For nutrients to absorb into cells or our skin tissues, they have to be able to penetrate. This is the main reason the Tone and Defence Formula is so good at penetrating into your skin.


Avocado oil typically contains 76% monounsaturates (oleic and palmitoleic acids), 12% polyunsaturates (linoleic and linolenic acids), and 12% saturates (palmitic and stearic acids). Values given are as a percentage of fatty acid/total fatty acids. The main antioxidant in the oil is a-tocopherol, which is present at levels of 70-190 mg/kg oil. b-, g-, and d-tocopherols are only present in minor amounts (<10 mg/kg oil). Other non-lipid components present in the oil include chlorophylls (11-19 mg/kg oil) and carotenoids (1.0-3.5 mg/kg oil). Please see our glossary for more information on the properties of these chemicals.

Avocado Benefits

This super fruit has been known for centuries to have varied medicinal healing benefits.

avocado oil

Skin Joy

Ancient knowledge over the world, reveals cold pressed avocado oil for it rejuvenation ability. Rejuvenating means make someone feel younger, fresher and more vitalized. Applying the oil to the skin also causes the surface to appear softer and smoother in texture.

Negative environmental effects such as sun/UV sensitised skin or chemically damaged skin are remedied using avocado oil. The skin can show redness/dryness/pigment marks and nourishing helps to relieve and replenish the skin tissue.

Overall, avocado oil is very rich and contains natural amino acids, Vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E, plant sterols and a high concentration of fatty acids. Due to its chemical constituents and size of molecular constituents, avocado oil is rich skin food. The nutrients are also all naturally occurring, so gives you the goodness and no badness added.

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